Stelvio QV high-performance models have been officially unveiled at the 2016 Los Angeles Motor Show, and we were also bringing real shot (the fastest production SUV). The Geneva Motor Show is released Stelvio ordinary version of the model, compared to high-performance version of the model, it looks in the interior, are more convergence, while the level of power and prices will be reduced accordingly. Stelvio ordinary version of the design compared to the previously released QV version of high-performance models to be more calm, the front face using a more traditional bumper design, faded QV models of the spirit, while the height of the body has improved fit bmw x6 air suspension bag, more cities SUV models of the way. Its interior compared to the high-performance version of the model is not changed, only the details of the adjustment, carbon fiber interior trim is replaced by a wooden trim, less sports atmosphere at the same time, also increased the sense of grade. At the same time, the new cars steering wheel although the style has not changed, but the external package of leather material is more low-key, but flat-bottomed + thin spokes + fusion of a key to start the design fit bmw x6 rear air suspension bag is still very avant-garde. In addition, the shift paddles, in the control of large-screen, double-cylinder instrument is also equipped with a new car. Power, Stelvio ordinary version equipped with a single turbo double scroll 2.0T inline four-cylinder engine, the maximum power of up to 280 horsepower, peak torque of 400 Nm, the drive system matching 8-speed manual gearbox, Four - wheel drive system. Driven by this powertrain, the new cars official 0-100km / h acceleration time was 5.7 seconds. Stelvio is Alfa Romeos first SUV, high-performance version is broken New North fastest production SUV records, to everyone full of surprise. Of course, for most consumers, a SUV or to the practicality of the main performance is not the first demand, so the debut of the ordinary version of the model fit mercedes gl class suspension air bag is Stelvio future sales of the main force. Alfa Romeo has planned to officially enter the domestic market, Stelvio will be introduced, with a unique shape design and brand charm, its market performance or people looking forward to.